A formidable partnership between X-film and Railways , has led to the development of vinyl films specially formulated to meet the FS specifications and used for the coating of railway trains currently in circulation.

The Xf-5 films (Special Laminated O-FTG 36) and the experience of the Railways division have conquered the railway sector. The development of technology and products in adhesive film has now invested a "global" market that has conquered all the product sectors. Wherever there is a decorative need, identification or branding, the use of adhesive films offers today a practical and economically advantageous solution.

The mission of our group , founded in 1960 and today an important leader among the companies operating in the decorative / advertising system, is to consolidate its presence with historical customers, but at the same time to differentiate the offer, always achieving new goals and targets. A journey that makes use of fantastic partners like X-FILM and CARTONGRAF .

Since the eighties there has been an ever more pressing demand by the State Railways to be able to use self-adhesive vinyl films that facilitate not only cleaning interventions but also the removal of graffiti from railway rolling stock. In this context, Railways joined with X-FILM, which first studied anti-graffiti colored films developing a product that contributed to the renewal and improvement of the image of Italian trains, offering a valid alternative to the traditional painting system.