Silpolyester 23

Width in mm: Roll width 1400, Sheet size 500x700,700x1000
Length in m: 50,100,250
Thickness:- 23 microns
Colour: Matte Silver , Gloss Silver , Gloss Transparent , Brilliant Gold


Film: - Polyester film
Backing: - double sided PE coated liner 160gr
Area: - Industrial Labels, Moisture Resistance,Limit Temperatures
Print: - Screen printing


Suitable for applications where there are necessary: ​​particular stability, resistance to humidity, acids, oils, tearing and medium-high temperatures. Apart from the polished gold version, recommended only for internal use, it can be used in the field of labels where high print quality is required accompanied by a contemporary resistance to limit atmospheres. Given its printability it is used to make product and / or promotional labels, plates. It is printable in screen printing, UV screen printing and UV offset