Silpoly 31 TR

Width in mm: Roll width 1400, Sheet size 500x700 ,700x1000
Length in m: 250
Thickness:- 31 microns
Colour: Gloss transparent


Film: - Polypropylene film (BOPP)
Backing: - 160 gsm clay silicone -coated paper
Area: - Labels , vehicles Tags
Print: - Screen printing


Suitable for applications where there are necessary: ​​particular stability, resistance to humidity, acids, oils, tearing and medium-high temperatures. Apart from the polished gold version, recommended only for internal use, it can be used in the field of labels where high printing quality is required as well as resistance to surrounding atmospheres. Given its printability it is used to make product and / or promotional labels, plates. It is printable in screen printing, UV screen printing and UV offset