DX 1

Width in mm: 255, 510, 630, 1020, 1260
Length in m: 10, 25, 50
Thickness:- 70 microns
Colour: Film : transparent, Backing : light blue


Film: - PVC
Backing: - PE-coated special paper & light blue PE backing
Area: -
Print: -


MONTEX DX1 is a 70µm, double-sided adhesive, transparent, PVC-Mounting film with a permanent polyacrylat adhesive and delayed initial adhesion. After 20 min the adhesive strength is ≥ 5N/25mm. After 24 h the adhesive strength is already ≥ 10N/25mm. This technical self-adhesive film is an ideal solution for the self-adhesive finishing of different products e.g. photographs, prints, LFP graphics, maps, plans and posters. Due to the delayed initial adhesion, the self-adhesive finished product is repositionable. Furthermore , squares support you for cuttings on measure and the simple processing and positioning.